About Rob

Growing up in a military family, Rob possessed tremendous love for our country. He exemplified and demonstrated the utmost level of decorum and bearing expected of an officer in the United States Army. The numerous generals and dignitaries that will be present at his funeral speaks volumes for Rob's character, his patriotism, and his dedication to our country.

Professionally, Rob was an excellent optometrist and an astute clinician. His patients consistently received compassionate care, both in the Army as well as the civilian population. Most of all, Rob commanded high respect within both the optometric and the ophthalmologic circles. As a fellow medical clinician, there can be no greater comparison than having your peers' respect and approval.

As a friend, you simply cannot find a nicer or more caring and compassionate soul. Rob would bend over backwards to help those in need of his time. He made friends and exerted a positive influence everywhere he traveled. Having his friendship meant a great deal to all of us.

Rob's tremendous love and dedication to his family can be easily appreciated by simply spending some time with them. No matter how demanding his Army duty or his other professional demands and community activities requested of him, Rob always found time for his young family. His free time and his true love was always Sally, Ryan, and Brandan.